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Israeli soldiers wounded during raid into Qalandyia to save undercover soldiers

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth revealed that six Israeli soldiers were wounded today during a rid into Qalandyia refugee camp to save undercover soldiers.

The newspaper said an Israeli undercover unit raided the refugee camp at 8:30 am this morning to carry out an arrest campaign.

It added that the locals of the camp responded in violent confrontations, which pushed the Israeli unit to call for reinforcements.

The Israeli newspaper said young Palestinians threw “huge stones” from the roofs of their houses, causing injuries among the soldiers. Some of the soldiers have even passed out and sent to hospitals.

Israeli undercover unit, Musta’ribeen, is an elite unit that disguises themselves as Arabs or Palestinians. They are dressed like Palestinian protesters, speak with the same accents and expressions, and show the same mannerisms. Their faces covered with checkered keffiyehs or balaclavas, they chant against the Israeli army and sometimes throw stones in the direction of the soldiers, all while drawing in other protesters as they get closer and closer to the army. They are known to carry out arrests and assassinations.

The Ministry of Health had said that four young men were wounded by Israeli bullets in the refugee camp.

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