‘Israel’ approves plan for permanent US embassy in Jerusalem

A key Jerusalem panel has approved the plans to expand the US diplomatic presence in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

A new building will be constructed on Derech Hebron street under a plan approved by Jerusalem Municipal Building and Planning Committee, as Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum announced in a tweet.

It also green-lights the expansion of the current US mission in the Arnona neighborhood.

“The Jerusalem Municipal Building and Planning Committee has just approved the plans for the new #US Embassy which will be built on Derech Hebron in #Jerusalem. As well as the extension of the current temporary embassy in Arnona,” she tweeted.

This step was fast-tracked in the final days of the administration of US President Donald Trump, who moved the US diplomatic mission to Jerusalem back in 2018, in an attempt to further create facts on the ground that would make it harder for the upcoming administration of Joe Biden to reverse the move.

Currently, there is no intention to move the embassy back to Tel Aviv.

President-elect Joe Biden pledged not to do so, even as he called President Donald Trump’s decision to move the diplomatic mission from Tel Aviv “short-sighted and frivolous.”

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