Child detainee says Hadassah doctors took part in torturing him

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Bassam Abu Sbeitan (18 years old) from occupied Jerusalem said that Israeli doctors at Hadassah hospital took part in torturing him after Israeli policemen shot him.

Abu Sbeitan told Hilweh Information Center that he went out to buy medicine for his mother while there were confrontations in the area.

“Suddenly Israeli police came and ordered me to stop”, the teenager said. “I was scared and tried to escape but I couldn’t walk fastly because I have an implant in my leg, as I made a surgery to treat an old leg fracture.”

“While escaping, I fell on stairs and had fractures. Then Israeli policemen arrested me and beat me up although I told them that I had fractures.”

The 18-year-old added that Israeli soldiers insisted on shackling him. One of the policemen said: “Even if your legs are amputated we will put shackles on them”, Abu Sbeitan said.

“The policemen threw me to the ground and kept throwing tear gas canisters and shooting at everyone in the street. I saw them pushing my mom and brother away. I was screaming in pain and they were laughing!”

He added that after arresting him, Israeli policemen forced him to go upstairs and they were pulling him whenever he was falling down.

According to Abu Sbeitan, an ambulance arrived after half an hour. The way to Hadassah hospital took three hours.

He also said that in the hospital, when Israeli doctors knew that he is a detainee they started insulting him and one of them beat his broken leg.

“He asked me which leg was hurting me then he said he will do the same to the other one. A doctor and a policeman kept laughing while they were beating me up. One of them said to the other: when you beat him up make sure that the camera is off.”

An Israeli court has decided to release Bassam Abu Sbeitan on bail.

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