Young men make armor to protect themselves from Israeli bullets

Qalilya (QNN)- Azzoun, a village in western Qalqilya, has been seeing weekly confrontations with Israeli forces, leaving dozens of injuries among locals. Israeli forces use bullets and tear gas and sound bombs to repress the residents of the village.

Yesterday, confrontations erupted as usual in the village. However, young men from the village thought about decreasing the number of injuries this week.

Pictures from yesterday’s confrontations show young men carrying armor and trying to protect themselves from the Israeli bullets.

Local sources told QNN that young men from the village raised funds from their personal money to design and manufacture the armor. Five armor have been made in the first stage.

The sources added that the five armor were tested yesterday for the first time. They proved that they are capable of protecting the young men from bullets and bombs, however, they are undergoing improvements.

The armor are completely made from steel and they are undergoing improvements.

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