Israeli dehumanizing propaganda blaming the victims, first #GreatReturnMarch anniversary

(QNN) – March 30 marked Land Day in Palestine and the first anniversary of the Great Return March civilian demonstrations in besieged Gaza Strip. Palestinians of various ages marched towards the borders to commemorate the occasion and renew their demands of a decent life.

While the demonstrators were marching for their legitimate and humanitarian demands, the Israeli occupation army had been working hard, even though it failed, to justify its use of lethal force against civilians.

On its official Twitter account, the IOF posted on Saturday a video of two kids, claiming they were from Gaza Strip and they infiltrated into the occupied territories with knives in their hands. The video, captioned with “you send your kids to death and we bring them back to life”, showed Israeli soldiers giving water to the kids and taking them back to where they had come from.

Twitter users doubted the credibility of the video and said that the Israeli soldiers’ behavior was made up to be filmed to whitewash the Israeli occupation’s latest war crimes. Others said that the video was “ironic” because, on the same day, the Israeli forces murdered five Palestinian, defenseless teens.

Another video posted on the same account was of some Palestinian protester throwing stones at the Israeli army on the other side of the nearly 7-meter-long border fence. The Israeli army claimed the protesters held weapons and intended to harm Israeli families, ignoring the fact that the protesters usually are fatally shot before they manage to reach the borders.

“Hey @IDF, when you’re lying, don’t attach a video that proves you’re lying. No grenades, stones; handful at the fence with stones,” James Zogby, founder and president of the Arab American Institute in Washington, replied on Twitter. “Not breaching; your snipers are well hidden, safe, shooting at will. There are no Israeli families. You’ve imprisoned an entire nation and they’re angry,” he added.

Noura Erakat, a Palestinian American human rights attorney, said the Israeli propaganda is as gross as the racist narratives blaming the victims, and said that this “dehumanizing propaganda aimed at keeping us all oppressed” must stop.

Israel’s lethal force killed five Palestinians on Saturday, March 30. All of those murdered are less than 20 years old.

According to statics by the Ministry of Health in Gaza, “Israel” murdered more than 270 Palestinian protesters in the Great Return March, including 55 children, since the protests kicked off in March 2018. Nearly 30,398 were injured, including 3,175.

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