Save Israa… Campaign calling to release seriously wounded mother jailed by ‘Israel’

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Activists and former detainees started a campaign on social media platforms, calling for releasing Israa Ja’abis, a seriously wounded mother jailed by the occupation state and needs urgent medical intervention.

The campaign, which trended on the hashtag #SaveIsraa, said “it’s shameful that the case of Israa is not a top priority for the government and human rights organizations, especially that she urgently needs over eight surgeries in order to have an almost normal life.”

Jaabis needs “a surgery to separate her burnt fingers, another to transplant skin that would cover exposed bones, and another to separate ears, which burnt and got stuck”, according to s statement by the campaign.

The campaign added that Jaabis “cannot raise her arms because her underarm skin is stuck. She also needs surgeries to fix the skin around her right eye, nose, and lips.”

Jaabis is a mother of one bot. She was sentenced to 11 years in jail and a 50,000 NIS fine. The occupation state canceled her health insurance and prevented her family from visiting her several times. Her child has once been banned a visit to see her.

Israa was arrested when she was on her way home after buying a gas cylinder for home use. Israeli soldiers opened fire at her car, causing the cylinder to explode and burn the car while Israa was inside. The soldiers kept Israa inside the burning car despite her appeals, leaving her with third-degree burns all across her body.

Despite her serious burns, Israa got arrested for allegedly planning for an explosion against Israelis.

Israa Jaabis before and after being arrested by Israeli soldiers.
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