Backlash after UNICEF avoided naming killers of 12-year-old in Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on its Twitter account mourned the child Omar Hasan Abul Nil (12 years old), who was seriously wounded last week by Israeli snipers and died this morning.

The UNICEF, however, refrained from naming the killers or mentioning that the Israeli army and its snipers, stationed along the borders between Gaza and 1948-occupied territories, were directly responsible for the murder of the child.

“Tragically this Palestinian boy, who was shot at the Gaza security fence last week, has died.

One child killed is one too many. Children should always be protected.

#AChildIsAChild”,the UNICEF wrote.

The tweet stirred a backlash by human rights activists, who slammed the UN body’s avoidance of naming the killers.

Omar (12 years old) was sniped one week ago by Israeli snipers, stationed behind the concrete separation wall on Gaza borders. Another young man was killed by Israeli snipers during a week of protests on Gaza borders against the Israeli ongoing siege, which has been, for 14 years so far, suffocating the crowded enclave and preventing its residents from reaching their basic daily needs.

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