Video| Israeli bulldozers demolish house of Al Aqsa mosque chief guard

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli forces, accompanied by bulldozers, demolished the house of the chief guard of Al Aqsa mosque compound Fadi Olayyan in Issawiyyeh in occupied Jerusalem this morning.

The family of Olayyan said that the Israeli municipality of the occupied city decided to demolish the house at the end of this month but the family was shocked this morning seeing bulldozers starting the demotion.

The demolition was carried out under the pretext that the house has been built without permission.

The family said it has appealed for an Israeli court, which in return rejected the appeal last week.

The Olayyans built the house ten years ago. The Israeli authorities imposed fines on the family before they decided to demolish it.

The building has two stories, including four apartments. It is a house for Ali Hasan Olayyan and his sons.

The demolition of the building has left over 30 members of the Olayyan
family homeless.

The chief guard of Al Aqsa mosque Fadi Olayyan was arrested and expelled from the holy mosque several times for preventing settlers’ raids and trying to prevent Israeli soldiers from entering the prayer rooms at the holy mosque.

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