Pictures| Bahraini police removes Palestine flags from streets

Manama (QNN)- Bahraini police on Friday started a campaign to remove Palestinian flags that were raised in protest against the normalization deal between the Bahraini regime and the occupation state.

Thousands of Bahrainis have flocked to the streets of Manama today in what they called “The Friday of Resisting Normalization” in protest against the normalization deal between their regime and the occupation state. The protesters raised the flag of Palestine and chanted slogans in solidarity with Palestine.

Although of the strict security measures, thousands of Bahrainis took part in the protests that started following Friday prayers and marched throughout the capital.

The protesters held signs that read “normalization is betrayal” and “we reject humiliation and surrender to the dictates of the US and UK”.

The kingdom of Bahrain has signed an agreement to normalize ties with the occupation state last September, following another deal between the UAE and the occupation state.

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