Young man who fled Gaza looking for a better life died in Turkey

(QNN) – A Palestinian young man from Gaza Strip succumbed to severe wounds he sustained after he fell off a balcony in Turkey’s Didem last week.

Mohammed Abu Shamla, 25 years old, is originally from Nuseirat Refugee Camp in Gaza Strip. He was staying illegally beyond his tourist visa in the city of Didem, waiting for his turn to migrate to Greece by the sea with a group of Arab young men.

The Turkish police raided the hotel he was staying in last week to arrest for staying in the country illegally. Mohammed fell from a balcony while trying to escape the police.

Abu Shamla stayed for about 10 days in the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit; he suffered from acute pulmonary hemorrhage and skull fracture.

On Friday morning, Mohammed died.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been fleeing the besieged enclave to European countries through illegal immigration by sea, hoping to find a better life away from the Israeli war and 11-year-long blockade. Many of them, just like Mohammed, faced death instead.

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