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York students rise up against IOF soldiers visit

Toronto (QNN)- Hundreds of York University students on Wednesday protested against a visit by Israeli soldiers. The peaceful protest was met by violence from pro-Israel students, which caused Several injuries among the activists.

The protest, which was organized by Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA), was held against a visit by Israeli soldiers, especially that less than a week before the event the same army killed 35 Palestinians in random strikes on Gaza.

Pro-Israel media accused the protesters of antisemitism and claimed they started the violence, although several video clips prove that a group of pro-Israel students incited hatred and hate speech and started the violence.

Videos posted to social media showed a united peaceful protest chanting of “Free, free Palestine,” “Viva viva Palestina”, “Occupation is a crime,” “viva intifada” – a reference to popular Palestinian uprising against Israel. It also showed on the other side pro-zionist students chanting “Hey hey! Ho ho! Palestine has got to go!”.

The protesters raised Palestine flags and chanted slogans against occupation, which apparently infuriated the zionist students, who attacked the protesters.

Toronto police told Global News officers were on scene for the protest and while it was “largely peaceful”, some scuffles did break out.

A pro-Israeli protester was seen approaching members taking part in the pro-Palestine protest wearing the red “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) cap and shouting insults and swear words at the demonstrators.

Several politicians and public figures tweeted about the protest claiming that the protesters attacked some zionist students.

The Canadian Prime Minister tweeted claiming that “violence & racist chants broke out against an event organized by the Jewish community at York University”. Neither Trudeau or any of those, who supported the anti-Palestine narrative, provided proofs for their claims.

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