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Woodward: Trump was enraged when told UAE’s normalization deal wouldn’t make it into new book

Washington (QNN)- Donald Trump asked Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward to include the deal between the occupation state and the United Arab Emirates in his book ‘Rage’, the author said on Sunday night. But when told that was not possible, Trump tweeted that the book was “gonna be fake”.

Woodward’s new book is based on 17 on-the-record conversations with Donald Trump and has stoked huge controversy, seemingly guaranteeing equally huge sales when it hits shelves on Tuesday.

In an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes, Woodward said he spoke to Trump on 14 August.

“It’s a tough book”, Woodward recalled telling Trump, alerting him to the fact that there are going to be “things that you are not gonna like, judgments that I made”.

“Well, I didn’t get you on this book. Maybe I’ll get you on the next one”, Trump said, according to the author.

“An hour and a half later”, Woodward went on, “he tweeted out that the Bob Woodward book is gonna be fake”.

Woodward made his name with Carl Bernstein nearly 50 years ago, reporting the Watergate scandal which brought down Richard Nixon. He has shared two Pulitzer prizes and Rage is his second Trump book, after the bestseller Fear.

Trump announced last month that the UAE will normalize its relations with the occupation state and that other Arab regimes will follow suit. Reports revealed that the UAE had already been normalizing ties with the occupation state, however, Trump’s announcement would increase his chances for a second term in office.

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