Witnesses: The situation in Negev Israeli jail is like hell

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- New witness by a Palestinian prisoner, who was released on Wednesday, reveals another stabbing operation against an Israeli jailer in addition to very poor conditions which the prisoners live.

The ex-detainee stated that Negev desert prison has turned into a hell, confirming that he has never seen in his life anything tougher than the days he spent in prison. “An unconscionable and unbearable situation. We were subject to all kinds of torture and beating”, he said.

The ex-detainee also confirmed that he witnessed a stabbing operation against a jailer by a prisoner, who was supposed to be released that day, but the Israelis extended his arrest under administrative detention, which pushed him to stab a jailer, who broke his leg while trying to escape.

“A prisoner, whose arrest was extended under administrative dentition exactly at the time of his release, stabbed a jailer. The jailer ran and broke his leg while running, while a female jailer, who was with him, had nervous breakdown because of fear.”

“What happened to my brothers in the next section was unconscionable. A large number of soldiers went to their cells and started violently beating them on Monday. They opened fire and threw tear gas at them. They also dragged them and tied them to beds for long times. There was no enough food and they were threatening to continue torture as long as we keep protesting”, he said.

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