Wiki-Palestine, a new project to promote the Palestinian narrative


Occupied Palestine – Quds News Network: A Palestinian youth group has launched “Wiki-Palestine” project, which is an online website that parallels the free, online encyclopedia of “Wikipedia”.

The new Palestinian project, which will see the light soon, aims to combat the Israeli efforts to erase and distort the Palestinians history and narrative.

“Wiki-Palestine”, funded by “Al-Ta’awon” institution and supported by local Palestinians organizations, has carried out a number of meetings in Nazareth city prior to its launching to spread awareness among the youth.

With eight Arab specialists working on it, the project will promote political, historical and cultural topics.

Like the renowned encyclopedia of Wikipedia, the “Wiki-Palestine” website will support its topics with pictures and videos of displaced Palestinian villages, shed the light on forgotten Palestinian figures who participated actively in forming the Palestinian narrative and post key information about the Arab, Palestinian conflict.

The project’s founders believe that combating the Israeli attempts to distort the Palestinian narrative and history is a national duty, in addition to the urgent need to create and encourage such Palestinian initiatives.

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