Wide condemnation of Israel’s assaults on Al Aqsa mosque

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- All factions of the Palestinian resistance in addition to governmental and popular organizations condemned the Israeli assaults against worshipers at the Al Aqsa mosque, which aimed to secure settlers’ raids into the holy mosque.

Hamas said that the Israeli assaults and raids reflect Israel’s rage seeing thousands of Muslim worshipers perform prayers at their holy mosque in the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan.

“Israel’s arrogance and continuous trials to desecrate the Al Aqsa mosque will only make Palestinians hold on their mosque and valiantly defend its sanctity”, Hamas said.

Hamas also stressed that “Israeli” bears full responsibility for the aftermath of its assaults.

“The Israeli occupation [state] is a racist entity, which does not care for the inviolability of humans, religions, or sacred areas”, Hamas said. “Such brutal attacks and continuous raids into the Al Aqsa mosque reflect [Israel’s] criminal and extremist side amid fake claims of democracy and respect for human rights”.

Islamic Jihad movement said that the occupation state will pay for the settlers’ raids into the holy mosque under protection by Israeli forces, as it bears responsibility for the tension in the occupied city.

The PFLP stressed that the raids into the holy mosque and worshipers is a new Israeli escalation, which ensures the occupation state’s plans to judaize the holy mosque.

Fatah said that what is going on at the Al Aqsa mosque is the “worst kind of terrorism”, and stressed that such practices by extremist zionists will provoke Muslims everywhere in the world, not only in Palestine.

The Palestinian Ministry of Waqf condemned “Israel’s” assaults against the worshipers and the holy mosque and called on the international community to pressure to stop this dangerous attack on the Al Aqsa mosque.

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