Why would screams of neighboring people being murdered affect Eurovision?!

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli minister of public security and strategic affairs Gilad Erdan said Sunday that Eurovision 2019 does not effect Israel’s military considerations in relation to the recent aggression on Gaza.

At an event ahead of Nakbah anniversary, Erdan called for “Israel” to “increase our assault on Gaza until there is quiet and return to targeted assassinations.”

In relation with Nakbah anniversary Erdan stressed that the Zionists should celebrate Nakbah even at the same time as the Israeli occupation army continues to strike Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

“Even if the Independence Day airshow is joined by attack planes, and the fires of the barbecues are joined by the fire that we will rain down on the terrorist organizations, we will fulfill the will of the fallen, fulfill our Independence, sleep well at night and preserve our daily routine.”

“Israel” has killed 25 Palestinian civilians, 2 of whom are babies, in Gaza in 2 days only claiming that it strikes the Palestinian resistance.

Gaza witnesses an Israeli escalation which started on Friday, when Israeli occupation soldiers shot Palestinian peaceful protesters at the Gaza borders, which pushed resistance members to snipe 2 Israeli soldiers.

The resistance factions demand an Israeli commitment to ceasefire and an end to the siege imposed on the heavily-populated enclave, while “Israel” refuses to comply to agreements and understandings.

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