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Who is Tunisia’s president Kais Saied?

Tunis (QNN)- Independent law professor Kais Saied has overwhelmingly won Tunisia’s presidential run-off that was held Sunday as the African Arab country, which is a newcomer to democracy, faces economic and security challenges, according to a polling agency.

Saied has secured 72.53 per cent of the vote against 27.47 per cent for media mogul Nabil Karoui, the polling firm Emrhod Consulting added, citing exit polls.

Saied, 61, declared his victory, calling it a “revolution within the constitutional legitimacy.”

In his first statement after winning, Saied said “the first foreign visit will be to Algeria, I hope to visit Libya, and my greetings to the people of Palestine”.

Speaking at a press conference in Tunis Sunday night, he pledged to honour Tunisia’s international obligations.

“We are aware of the size of responsibility and realize what the state means…Today, we are trying to build a new Tunisia” added Saied.

The 61-year-old law professor barely ran a campaign, has no political party, and never held office.

About 7.2 million people were registered to vote in Sunday’s 10-hour polling.

Saied has campaigned to fight corruption and support decentralization.

The turnout in Sunday’s election stood at 57.8 per cent after 70 per cent of the ballot was counted, the electoral commission said at a press briefing. The official result of the run-off is expected by Tuesday.

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