WhatsApp blocks phone numbers of QNN admins

Jerusalem (QNN) – The widely-known messenger application WhatsApp blocked today the phone numbers of Quds News network admins of the network’s Arabic groups on the application.

WhatsApp blocked four QNN admins and banned them from sending messages to thousands of subscribers via its news groups.

QNN has been covering news from Palestine highlighting the crimes and violations of the Israeli occupation. It has also been active in covering the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza, which so far claimed the lives of 10 Palestinians.

The network said it will continue its mission to present the full picture of Palestine, as its slogan has shown since its founding seven years ago, stressing that “we continue despite all the restrictions and the fight against Palestinian content.”

QNN said it is wondering how Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Intragam and WhatsApp are combating the Palestinian content under the false pretext of terrorism and violence at the time they turn a blind eye to the blatant incitement on Israeli media.

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