What is Israel’s bank of targets in its latest aggression on Gaza?

Gaza (QNN)- Since the start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, Israeli warplanes and artillery have been bombing houses, neighborhoods, and several civilian targets.

The Israeli tendency towards targeting civilians and residential buildings is obvious. It is probably the Israeli method to cover its military failings in the face of a well-organized resistance in Gaza and a lot of weaknesses in the Israeli side.

Since the very start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, “Israel” killed 13 Palestinians and injured several dozens.

The photos of a one-year-old baby girl murdered with her pregnant mother in an Israeli airstrike could be the most important photos of the recent Israeli escalation.

“Israel” claimed that it targets locations of the resistance, however photos and video footage proved they lie.

Photos of killed unarmed civilians and torn toys amid rubble proved that the Israeli narrative id fake.

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