Watchdog: ‘Israel’ puts lives of Palestinian prisoners in danger

Ramallah (QNN)- Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network warned on Saturday to harm Palestinian prisoners and turn jails into laboratories where the lives of the prisoners are endangered.

“We caution against all practices through which the prisons’ administration deliberately allows the virus to spread among prisoners”, the statement said. “We stress that the disdain for the life of any prisoner would be confronted by a popular revolution.”

The network stressed on the necessity of releasing all prisoners from Israeli jails.

“The world today tries to fight and confront coronavirus pandemic while countries and social movements all over the world take preventive procedures to protect its societies”, the statement said. “Meanwhile, the zionist attack on our prisoners continue to restrict them in every possible way.”

‘Israel’ holds nearly 5000 Palestinian prisoners, including nearly 200 children, 43 female prisoners, and 700 sick prisoners.

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