Watchdog: ‘Israel’ arrested 33 citizens in West Bank

Whole families of parents, children, and grandchildren were arrested today in Israeli West Bank raids.

Ramallah (QNN)- Israeli forces raided several areas throughout the West Bank last night and today, arresting 33 citizens, 16 of them are from the village of Ya’bad in Jenin.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Association stated that until the noon of this day, Israeli forces arrested 16 Palestinians from the village of Ya’bad, including two ladies and one little girl.

Four of those arrested in Ya’bad were arrested last night, two of them are siblings.

The Israeli raids and arrests coincided with violent confrontations in the village as locals threw stones at Israeli occupiers, killing one soldier in self-defense.

Today, Israeli forces returned to the village as soon as they announced the death of the soldier. Israeli soldiers carried out house raids and arrested 12 Palestinians.

Those arrested today were identified as Nazmi Abu Baker, his wife Suheilah, their little daughter Iman, and their grandson Ali.

Ribhi Muhammad Abu Baker, his wife Nojoud, three of their sons, as well as three other citizens were arrested in the village as well.

In Silwan in the occupied capital city, a group of Israeli undercover soldiers arrested 13 Palestinians last night before sending them to the Maskubiyyeh interrogation center.

Two others were arrested in Abu Deis in Jerusalem, while a former prisoner teenager and a young man were arrested from Silwad, Ramallah.

The association held the occupation state responsible for the health of the prisoners, especially with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the large numbers of infections and deaths from the virus in the occupation state.

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  1. Sorry, but a day before, one of the citizens from Ya’bad killed an Israeli soldier.
    It is fully justified that the army search for the murderer and will arrest all those which can bring any information about him.
    Without any doubt he and his collaborators in this crime will be found and punished.

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