VIDEO| One killed and 24 injured during “Loyalty to the Martyrs of Al Ibrahimi mosque” march

Gaza(QNN)- 14-year-old Yousef Said Al Dayeh was murdered while 24 other Palestinians were injured as the Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire at protesters in the Great Return March in Gaza today.

Ministry of Health announced that according to primary statistical information, the child died because of wounds he had in the chest, while 24 others were injured by the Israeli bullets and tear gas grenades during the march.

The march was under the title “loyalty to martyrs of Al Haram Al Ibrahimi”, referring to a massacre , which took place in February 25,1994 when an armed settler opened fire at worshipers in Al Haram Al Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron, leading to 29 martyrs and 125 injuries.

The weekly Great Return marches have been taking place for almost one year so far, as they started in last March. The Israeli assaults never stopped each week against Palestinian protesters. 250 Palestinians, including women and children, have been killed, while over 23,000 others were injured.

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