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Video| Mother embraces son’s headstone to protect grave from bulldozing

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Monday morning, Umm Ala’ Nababteh rushed to the grave of her eldest son to check on it after she heard that the Israelis will bulldoze the Yusifiyyah graveyard.

At the gate of the graveyard, Israeli cops prevented Umm Ala’ from reaching her son’s grave. However, she made it to her son against the Israelis’ will, recited Al Fatiha for him, and embraced his headstone. “They will never bulldoze it. No, over my dead body!”, she said, that’s when Israeli cops attacked her, trying to make her leave the headstone.

“I know that his soul ascended to God but this is my son’s grave”, Umm Ala’ said with an exhausted tone. “Everyday I have the same feelings. Everyday I come here to make sure that my son’s grave is safe, as I know about the leveling and exhumation operations that the Israelis carry out in the graveyard and I will not allow them to bulldoze it [my son’s grave]… No, on my dead body!”

She added, “I had the same problem with the grave of my other son, Baha’, who is buried in the Mercy Gate graveyard. The same cop, who attacked me today, attacked me next to Baha’s grave. They arrested me and sent me to court.”

Israeli cops attacked Umm Ala’ again, forcing her to leave. “I will not leave… my dear son Ala’… let go of me, let me die next to him”, she shouted while crying as the cops were pulling her off.

Israeli crews had broken into the Yusifiyyah graveyard in Jerusalem to bulldoze graves in order to construct a biblical park instead.

Remains of dead bodies had appeared during Israeli diggings, stirring rage among Palestinians.

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