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Video| Mob attack against Toronto restaurant over criticism of ‘Israel’

Far-right Zionists attacked and vandalized Foodbenders after its owner showed solidarity with the rights of the Palestinian people.

Toronto (QNN)- Foodbenders restaurant in Toronto has been facing a mob attack by the Israeli lobby in the city after declaring its support for Palestine and criticizing the occupation state on social media platforms.

Foodbenders had criticized the Israeli behavior and declared solidarity with the rights of the Palestinian people in social media platforms.

Foodbenders also shared posts linking police brutality to exercises made in cooperation with the Israeli police.

Groups of far-right zionists gathered outside the food store in Toronto, committing vandalism and threatening the shop’s owner.

Also, they wiped away sayings written on the sidewalk in chalk. One smudges the word Palestine in Palestine Lives Matter with his feet and then pours water to wash the rest away, and draped the flag of ‘Israel’ over their shoulders as capes and danced to traditional Hebrew music.

Foodbenders owner, Kimberly Hawkins, first came under fire for showing support for the Black lives Matter movement in the United States, writing “No Justice, No Peace, F**k The Police!” on a sandwich board outside the restaurant.

Despite of Hawkins’ confirmation that “When I’m making a statement about Zionism, I am not referring to Israeli people, It’s about the state government”, the zionist mob as well as several far-right newspapers attacked her and incited hatred against her.

Commentators on Foodbenders’ Instagram page, along with Canadian Jewish organizations, have showed support for Hawkins and her right of free expression.

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