Video| ‘Israel’ forces two brothers to demolish their house in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli municipality of occupied Jerusalem forced two brothers to demolish their own house in Silwan today.

Local sources said the Israeli authorities forced Firas and Iyad Da’na to demolish their house under the pretext of being built without a building permit.

Iyad Dana said that the Israeli municipality forced him and his brother to demolish the house themselves or otherwise they will have to pay nearly 50,000 NIS for the Israeli crews that would demolish the house.

Iyad stressed that he tried to get a construction permit several times but the Israelis don’t allow native Palestinians to build new houses or revive old ones.

In 2020, the occupation state forced over 20 native Palestinians in Jerusalem to demolish their houses under the pretext of having no construction permits.

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