Video and Pictures| Israeli settlers set fire to mosque in Bireh

Ramallah (QNN)- Groups of Israeli settlers attacked a mosque in Bireh and set it to fire on Monday.

The Department of Religious Affairs and Endowments said a group of settlers set fire and sprayed racist slogans on the mosque of Al Bir wall Ihsan in the West Bank city of Bireh.

The department held the Israeli government full responsibility for the “criminal and racist” act as it backs groups of terrorist settlers.

In a statement by the department, it stated that Israeli terrorist groups continue to attack mosques throughout Palestine, including Al Aqsa and al Ibrahimi mosques.

The statement called on the international community to intervene and prevent the Israeli attacks on Muslim shrines and holy places.

A terrorist group called “Price Tagging” has been responsible for such terrorist attacks. The group, which was founded in July 2008, attacks Muslim and Christian holy places throughout Palestine and commits vandalism with impunity.

The group’s attacks are usually accompanied by racist slogans against Arabs and Muslims that are usually sprayed on the walls with their signature.

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