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Upon request of ‘Israel’.. Saudi Arabia not to bring Saudi normalizer to justice

Riyadh (QNN)- The Saudi normalizer Muhammad bin Saud, who recently visited the occupation state of ‘Israel’ in a normalization visit, has published a video footage from Riyadh assuring his followers that he was not interrogated neither brought to justice by the Saudi authorities.

Israeli newspapers said that Israel’s government sent a letter to the Saudi royal court, requesting that the Saudi authorities does’t take any punitive measures against Saud as “he was among a guest delegation, which was invited by the ministry of foreign affairs to visit ‘Israel’ ”

Israeli Maariv quoted Arab affairs expert in the Israeli army radio saying that ‘Israel’ warned Saudi Arabia of summoning Saud for interrogation or dismissing him from his work since such actions could carry political connotations regarding the relationship between Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

He also said that the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs invited Saud to visit the occupation state following a series of tweet on his account, in which he expressed his love for ‘Israel’ and admiration for Netanyahu. The Saudi authorities approved the visit as a goodwill gesture towards the occupation state.

The Saudi normalizer visited the occupation state of Israel nearly 2 weeks ago and appeared getting kicked out from the Al Aqsa mosque, as his visit coincided with an Israeli mass demolition and displacement against over 100 houses in Jerusalem.

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