UN summary of Israeli occupation casualties in 2 weeks

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli soldiers killed eight Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza during the last two weeks only.

UN Human Rights oPt said in its latest protection of civilians report, covering the time between March 12-25, that Israeli forces killed six Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

The report also revealed that an Israeli undercover unit broke into a house in Abwin, Ramallah and murdered a Palestinian in a field execution, accusing him of being part of an operation in which Israeli occupation soldiers and illegal settlers have been killed.

Confrontations followed the Israeli execution of the young man, which caused eight Palestinians to be injured in Abwin and 14 others in Salfit, said the report.

In another incident in Salfit on March 12, a Palestinian was killed by Israeli live bullets, while 40 others were injured after an Israeli search and raid campaign. On the same day, Israeli soldiers in a checkpoint in Hebron opened fire at a 41-year-old man and killed him, the report added.

The report mentioned that in 2018 Israeli occupation forces executed three Palestinians in field executions in Hebron under the pretext of trying to stab occupation soldiers.

On March 20, two Palestinians were murdered by Israeli soldiers, who have been protecting a group of illegal settlers in Nablus. A Palestinian ambulance was vandalized and it wasn’t possible to reach the injured Palestinians.

On the same day, IOF opened fire at a Palestinian young man and killed him, while another was injured, as they were walking close to an Israeli military tower in Bethlehem.

In Gaza, two Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers while 350 others were injured during Gaza’s border protests on March 22.

On March 14, Israeli warplanes attacked different location in the besieged enclave, injuring four Palestinians including one child and two women, one of whom was pregnant, and causing fatal damage in Palestinians’ properties.

IOF launched 227 raid and arrest campaign, and arrested 200 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank alone in during the time covered by the report.

The report also revealed that Israeli illegal settlers performed 13 attacks against Palestinians, causing 5 injuries among Palestinians in addition to vandalism.

Israel also demolished 25 buildings owned by Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, leaving 25 Palestinians homeless, and demolished an elementary school, depriving around 450 children of education.

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