Ultra-Orthodox Jew accused of aiding pedophile to be Israel’s health minister

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Israeli government is expected to approve on Sunday the appointment of ultra-orthodox, Yaakov Litzman, from the orthodox Jewish party United Torah Judaism, as health minister, according to Israeli media.

The appointment of Litzman comes after Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was forced to quit all of his ministerial duties, including the health ministry, due to the criminal charges against him.

Litzman has been already the deputy health minister since 2015. He also held this position two times in 2009 and 2013.

Litzman is facing charges relating to his assistance of Malka Leifer, a former ultra-orthodox girls’ school principal, to cover up sex abuses against minors.

Last August, Israeli police recommended indicting him on fraud and breach of trust for interfering in the extradition of Leifer.

Sufficient evidence was found to charge Litzman with trying to influence the opinion of psychiatrists appointed by the Ministry of Health in order to aid Leifer and prevent her extradition, according to Israeli police.

Litzmen is also facing a bribery charge relating to helping to prevent the closure of a restaurant, despite serious health concerns.

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