UK to review Palestinian curriculum to ensure it doesn’t promote violence

Occupied Palestine (QNN) – The education materials for Palestinian school children are due to be reviewed by “international partners” including the UK, according to the British government.

A press release by the UK government on Tuesday affirmed that textbooks included in the Palestinian Authority’s current curriculum for primary and secondary school children will be reviewed internationally because they allegedly incite violence.

The review process will be concluded in September 2019, and the results will be provided to the Palestinian Authority that agreed to “engage constructively with the findings of the review,” the press release says.

“Labour Friends of Israel” has been behind repeated calls for UK government to investigate in what they described “the scandal of British money being used to fund a curriculum which incites the murder of Israelis and circulates antisemitic material to children.”

The release stated that UK aid aims to help improve the quality of the education through paying the salaries of specially vetted teachers in the West Bank, but it isn’t intended to fund the content writing or provision of PA textbooks.

The Department for International Development (DFID) announced that the Georg Eckert Institute – a leading international institute for analysing education media based in Germany – had been commissioned to produce an initial scoping report to expedite the full review.

An article by Ziad Thabet, the Palestinian undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, published in 2016, said that according studies on the Israeli curriculum, researchers found that the Israeli children’s textbooks incited against Palestinians as Arabs and Muslims.

The results showed that the Israeli textbooks teach the children that Judism is superior to Islam, and the land of Palestine belongs only to Jews.

The textbooks also degraded the Arabs for being Arabs, and presented the Arab man as an inferior creature who allegedly refuses the development and civilization.

Thabet’s article included an admission by an Israeli student who said, “they tought us to hate and despise Arabs, and to kick them out of our land.”

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