UK Labour MP calls for boycott of settlement goods if Annexation goes ahead

London (QNN)- The United Kingdom must ban the import of goods from illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank should the Israeli government move ahead with its annexation plan, Lisa Nandy, the British shadow foreign secretary, has said.

The British government cannot be a “silent witness” to Israel’s plan to apply sovereignty over 30% of the occupied West Bank this week, Nandy added.

Boris Johnson told MPs earlier this month that the UK government “strongly objected” to the plan and restated support for the two-state solution. But the government is coming under increasing pressure to take concrete action if Netanyahu’s annexation proposals are implemented.

“The proposal to unilaterally annex nearly a third of the West Bank is an illegal act which will undermine the prospect of a peaceful two-state solution for Israel and Palestine, and has serious implications for the stability of the Middle East”, Nandy explained.

Nandy’s proposal, backed by Keir Starmer, is a significant toughening of Labour’s policy on “Israel”. In the 2019 manifesto, the party merely called for a diplomatic solution.

He has appointed Lisa Nandy, chair of LFPME, as shadow foreign secretary. Nandy was criticised by pro-Israel groups for signing a series of pledges by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, including backing the right for Palestinian people to return to homes from which they were forced out during the 1948 Nakba, and an arms embargo on “Israel”.

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