Two Gaza missiles defeat Israeli Ironic Dome

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- For the first time since 2014 war on Gaza, 2 missiles were launched from Gaza to “Tel Aviv” in the occupied territories of 1948, defeating the Israeli Ironic Dome.

Spokesperson of the Israeli occupation army said that the Ironic Dome could not intercept the missiles, “In this stage, we are trying to figure out who launched the missiles. We still do not know how to do that,” he said.

“We had no previous information or any warns. Honestly, we were shocked,” he added.

Two missiles were launched from Gaza and fell in areas in territories occupied in 1948. Hamas and Islamic Jihad fractions denied responsibility, while no fraction declared responsibility of the operation.

In the same vein, Gaza Ministry of Interior confirmed that the operation was out of national consensus, and it will take action to bring to account those responsible.

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