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Tunisia Zuari assassination: French ambassador accused of involvement

Tunis (QNN)- The defence of the Tunisian aeronautical engineer, Muhammad Zuari, accused France’s ambassador of being involved in the assassination of Zuari, which took place three years ago.

Zuari was assassinated in his car in the city of Sfax in the South of the country by the Israeli Mossad. His assassination stirred controversy in Tunisia and Palestine.

Meanwhile, the lawyer Abdel Rauf Ayyadi, a member of Zuari’s defence, said that “there are politicians, businessmen, and one female journalist, who are involved in the assassination. They include the current French ambassador, who played a key role”.

“The defence filed two lawsuits against the French ambassador; one for espionage and another for assassination”, Ayyadi said.

He mentioned “the former minister of tourism, Amal Karboul, and current minister of tourism Roni Trabolsi, who both had direct relationships with an Israeli spy, who owns Carmel tourism agency in Tel Aviv and had a key role in the issue, which was disrupted by the government”.

“Zuari’s family will meet President Kais Saied, who promised in his campaign to work on cracking the case and who is currently working on internationalizing it”, he said.

Muhammad Zuari, born in 1967, was an aeronautical engineer. He was working on a project to locally enhance and manufacture drones. He joined the military wing of Hamas and was the innovator of Al Qassam’s drones, which were used against the occupation army during Israel’s aggression on Gaza in 2014.

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