Three policemen killed in Gaza explosions, Hamas declared state of alert

Gaza Strip (QNN) – Last night, Palestine Interior Ministry in Gaza issued a statement commenting on the terror explosions that targeted two police checkpoints in western Gaza city and killed three policemen.

The Ministry of Interior declared a state of emergency and arrested several suspects.

In a statement, it said that its security services have put their hands on initial details about the nature of the two explosions and those responsible for it. It said it will publish the details soon when the investigations are complete.

In its statement, the Interior Ministry mourned the victims of the explosions, and they are: Salama Majid Al-Nadim (32 years), Wael Mousa Mohammed Khalifa (45 years), and Alaa Ziad Al-Gharabli (32 years).

“The sinful hands that committed the crime will not go unpunished,” the statement said. “We reassure our people that the security situation in Gaza is stable … We will not allow any party to threaten the security of the citizens of Gaza Strip. And all the sinful attempts in this regard will fail. We will strike with an iron fist anyone who works for it, under any cover, or by any means whatsoever.”

The statement accused the Israeli occupation and its secret agents in Gaza of constantly working to destabilize the security situation in the besieged enclave, using various methods.

The Ministry of Interior stressed that the security forces have thwarted many of their plans, and are standing immune to all the suspicious attempts against the Strip.

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