Three Palestinians wounded in Israeli crackdown on Palestinian workers

Tulkarem (QNN)- Three Palestinians were reportedly wounded during an Israeli crackdown on Palestinian workers in northern Tulkarem this morning.

An Activist told QNN that a Palestinian young man was shot by Israeli soldiers, who were chasing the workers at the Akabah gate in the north, which is located between the apartheid wall and the occupied land.

He said that the Israeli army still holds the young man and refuses to allow medical teams to provide medical care for him. Some locals tried to help release the wounded young man, but the Israelis responded opening fire at them.

Israeli soldiers also chased other workers in the south and used bullets and tear gas against them, causing several suffocation cases.

Israeli authorities refuse to grant Palestinian workers access permits for “security considerations”, preventing them from reaching their workplaces, which pushes many workers to find other ways, like making holes in the apartheid wall in order to pass through it to their jobs.

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