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Thousands march in London in solidarity with Palestine

London (QNN)- Thousands have demonstrated in central London to demand an end to the unprecedented attacks against the Palestinian people at the hands of Israel.

Marchers were commemorating the 71st anniversary of the “Nakba,” or disaster, on which Zionist militias depended to create “Israel”.

Marching from Portland Place to Whitehall, a diverse crowd chanted “Palestine will be free” and called for the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, while holding banners calling on the UK to stop arming Israel, as part of a demonstration organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Stop the War Coalition, among others.

Speeches were made by the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s (PLO) representative, union officials, MPs and campaigners.

The Palestinian icon of resistance Ahed Tamimi also took to the stage and said that she refuses to be defined as a victim. ““We will not be made victims! We will continue to resist!”, she said.

Richard Burgeon, the Labour MP, said: “Palestine has the right to exist but sadly that is a right that is increasingly threatened … Palestinians should be able to live free from ever expanding settlements on stolen land.”

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