The Islamic Waqf: “Israel” alone holds responsibility for recent escalation at Al Aqsa mosque

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Islamic Waqf in occupied Jerusalem warned on Tuesday of the recent escalation of the Israeli assaults against Al Aqsa mosque and worshipers.

Palestinian protesters burned an Israeli police headquarter inside the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque after the arbitrary closure of the mosque and the assaults and arrests against worshipers.

Preacher of Al aqsa mosque, Ikrima Sabri, said to QNN that the Israeli police closed all gates of the mosque and deployed huge numbers of their forces to completely close it and ban worshipers from access.

“Closing the mosque could not be justified. We have active liaison to counter-attack all assaults against Al Aqsa mosque and force the Israeli police to leave its courtyards”, Sabri added. He also stressed that “the Israeli police holds full responsibility for such senseless act”.

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