The Palestinian prisoner Rushdi Mokh, an endless suffering

(QNN) – Since he was imprisoned in the Israeli occupation jails in 1996, the Palestinian prisoner Rushdi Abu Mokh has been suffering a lot.

A few days ago, Somaia Abu Mokh, mother of the Palestinian prisoner Rushdi Abu Mokh, who is sentenced to life imprisonment by “Israel”, has passed away without seeing her son for years.

This is not the first loss Rushdi has encountered. In 2007, his brother died in an accident. His father died also during Rushdi’s imprisonment.

Three of Rushdi’s family members died while he’s still in jail.

When Rushdi was sentenced to life imprisonment, he ended his engagement and said, “I can not cause suffering to a woman who got engaged with me before knowing I was going to spend the rest of my life in jail.”

Due to deliberate medical negligence in the Israeli jails, Rushdi now suffers from Chronic diseases such as diabetes. He also suffers from high blood pressure and coronary artery disease.

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