The Palestinian content between the rock of Facebook and the hard place of PA

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Several media and rights organizations and groups slammed a decisions by the Palestinian Authority’s Magistrate’s Court, ruling to block dozens of websites in Palestine.

At the request of the Attorney General, the Magistrate Court in Ramallah ruled to block 59 Palestinian and Arabic websites and pages under the pretext of harming the Palestinian Authority and threatening civil peace.

The decision, which was issued few days ago but was revealed on Monday, provoked rage among Palestinians and human rights groups, who stressed that it goes against the right to freedom of expression and the right of the press.

Skyline addresses the UN

Skyline for Human Rights said that it sent an urgent letter to the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion, David Kaye, after the PA’s decision to block dozens of websites without a legal basis.

The organization also sent a copy of the court decision and urged the UN to intervene in order to stop the violations against the freedom of speech in Palestine.

Palestine Press Association: This is a massacre and a dark day

The Palestinian Press Association deemed the leaked decision a massacre against the freedom of speech and press in Palestine, and a dark day in the history of the Palestinian press.

The Association stressed that the court rule, which is based on a 2018 law on cyber crimes, confirmed that the Association’s fears of the law’s weaponization are justified. It also stated that weaponizing laws goes against the pledges of the Prime Minister regarding protecting the freedom of the press.

The association also urged the High Judaical Counsel to take action in order to reverse the court decision and stressed that it will take all legal measures to challenge the decision.

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