The National Office for the Defense of Land: ‘Israel’ quickens annexation plans

West Bank (QNN)- the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s National Office for the Defense of Land and Resistance of Settlement said that the approval of the Israeli Minister of war, Naftali Bennett, to expand the illegal settlement of Efrat in southern Bethlehem was upon urgent instruction from Netanyahu before Bennet leaves the government and a few days before a visit by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in order to apply the annexation of the West Bank.

The office added in its weekly report that Bennett’s approval to construct 7000 new settlement units in the illegal settlement of Efrat is a very serious action. It also stated that settlement activities in the so-called “E1” area in East Jerusalem aims at killing the “two-state-solution forever”.

The report stated that the Israeli plans to build a new settlement that the Israelis call “the Eagles’ Hill” would separate Bethlehem from the other Palestinian villages.

It also revealed that a Likud MK agreed with leaders of illegals settlements and with the support of the Israeli minister of economy to introduce a bill to impose the Israeli sovereignty on illegal settlements in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley as well as the north of the Dead Sea.

Settlers’ violence

The report stated that settlers from the illegal settlement of Yaakov Talia, which was built on the land of Masafer Yatta, stole bitter vetch crops from Palestinian farmers in Bir El Ad and they prevented them from reaching water wells to get water for their sheep.

Illegals letters also leveled large areas of agricultural land near the illegal settlement of Nigihot, which is built on the land of Dura in southern Hebron.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army ordered halt to construction of two houses and a shed in the village of Qarawat Bani Hassan in Salfit.

The Israeli army also confiscated equipment of water well digging and a crane in southern Qalqilya after ordering workers to halt work.

Israeli settlers also chopped off 450 grapes trees in the village of Khader in southern Bethlehem. The Israeli army ordered a citizen in the same village to stop working in two vines.

Six halt construction ordered were issued in northern Tulkarm and one in Ya’bad in Jenin as well.

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