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The Joint Chamber of the Palestinian Resistance Factions: We will broaden our response if “Israel” goes too far

Gaza (QNN)- On Saturday, the joint chamber of the Palestinian resistance factions threatened to broaden its response if “Israel” continues to go too far in its aggression against the Gaza strip.

The chamber said in a statement: “Our response will be harsher, stronger, and wider if it continues to go too far in its aggression, and we will continue to be a protective shield of our people and land.”

“We claim responsibility for striking on Saturday morning locations of the Zionist enemy and settlements surrounding Gaza with dozens of missiles, as a response to the enemy’s overkilling of our people and targeting resistance members in military locations on Friday”, the statement said.

“We in the joint chamber are closely monitoring the behavior of the Israeli occupation and how committed it is to halt the assault, and will respond accordingly, in reference to the recent escalation in Gaza.

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