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The Adelsons: Netanyahu’s wife is ‘crazy’ and ‘decides everything’ on behalf of her husband

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- One of Benjamin Netanyahu’s most important supporters has testified to police that the premier’s wife, Sara Netanyahu is ‘crazy’ and ‘decides everything,’ including key appointments made to the Israeli cabinet.

The remarks have been made by multi-billionaire, publisher of the Israel Hayom daily, and main donor to Trump and the occupation state, Sheldon Adelson in statements to police, in an investigation into Case 2000, involving a deal Benjamin Netanyahu negotiated with Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Arnon Mozes for favorable coverage in return for undermining Israel Hayom, its main rival.

“She’s completely crazy,” said Sheldon Adelson. “She was compulsive about photos of herself and how she looked. She said ‘I’m the first lady, I’m a psychologist and I teach children about psychology.’ … She would tell my wife that if Iran attacked it would be her fault … because we didn’t publish good pictures of her,” said Adelson.

Miriam Adelson told police that Sara chooses the people who work with the prime minister. “She chooses the workers, the people around him, the staff, his secretary. Then she knows everything that goes on,” she said. When asked if Sara Netanyahu influences governmental appointments, Adelson said, “Those too, I believe.”

Adelson said the Netanyahu’s wife was “simply not healthy”.

Sara Netanyahu was previously accused of being paranoid, vindictive, corrupt and delusional. She has been reported to underpay employees, including the hairdresser she uses every day, on the grounds that they should be “honoured” to work for the prime minister’s wife. She is said to have pressured one of her secretaries, an Orthodox woman, to break Jewish religious law by taking her phone calls on the sabbath. And, perhaps saddest of all, she appears to have compelled her husband to sever connections with Noah, his teenage daughter from a former marriage.

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