Tension in Jerusalem following Israeli murder of Palestinian young man

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli police on the evening of Thursday injured 20 Palestinians ans arrested others in occupied Jerusalem during violent confrontations erupted in the aftermath of the killing of Sameer Obeid (21 years old) by the Israeli police.

Obeid, a former political prisoner who was released last week and whose sister and father are also political prisoners, was directly killed with a bullet, which infiltrated his heart during an Israeli raid into the Palestinian neighborhood of Al Issawiyyeh in the occupied city.

The Israeli authorities have kidnapped the body of Obeid and holds it now in Hadasa Israeli hospital, refusing to hand over it to his family members, who were beaten in the hospital by Israeli policemen.

20 Palestinians were reportedly injured during confrontations erupted in several areas of the occupied city, in which Palestinians have been suffering from an Israeli policy which aims to push them leave. Dozens of Palestinians houses are being demolished and several arrests and raids take place in occupied Jerusalem on daily basis.

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