Temporary closure of Al Aqsa mosque in fear of coronavirus spread

Ramallah (QNN)- The Council of the Religious Endowments and Islamic Affairs announced a temporary suspension of prayers at Al Aqsa mosque as from the morning of Monday in response to recommendations by religious and medical experts to prevent coronavirus outbreak.

The council explained in a statement issued on Sunday that it held an urgent session to discuss the health developments in Jerusalem as well as procedures and recommendations issued by religious and medical experts.

The statement added that the suspension will start on Monday and will be limited to worshipers only. All workers will continue to work in the holy mosque and Adhan will be recited for all prayers as usual. Workers, however, will perform prayers in the courtyards of the holy mosque.

“It is painful to take such decision but we had to do it to protect the lives and health of citizens and to protect humans”, the council stated.

The council called on all citizens to understand the propose of the decision and to perform prayers in their houses.

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