Shocking testimonies from six Palestinian prisoners at “Magiddo” prison

Ramallah (QNN) – Six Palestinian prisoners are living under harsh and health-threatening conditions at the Israeli prison of “Magiddo,” according to the Committee of Palestinian Prisoners’ Affairs.

The Committee documented and published shocking testimonies from six Palestinian prisoners detained at “Magiddo” prison, northern the occupied territories, on Sunday.

These prisoners are Ismail al-Orouj from Bethlehem, Mohammed al-Shawish from Jerusalem, Wa’el Neirat from Jenin, Ashraf Abu Srour from Bethlehem, Mohammed al-Nashef and Imad Sarhan from Haifa.

The six prisoners have been detained in smelly and dirty solitary cells that look more like graves, according to the Committee’s lawyer who visited them and documented their testimonies on Saturday. The cells are so tight that the prisoners cannot perform prayers inside. The prisoners are isolated from the outside world and most the times they don’t know whether it’s day or night. Moreover, they suffer constantly from Israeli special forces that repeatedly raid the cells and assault the detainees.

The Committee’s lawyer added that the six prisoners are deprived of their daily break time and regular family visits.

In addition to the above restrictions, the Israeli Prison Service deliberately provides rotten food for the prisoners and deprives them of blankets and heavy clothes that would warm their bodies in the cold cells.

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