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Sudanese grass-roots organizations reject officials’ comments on normalization with ‘Israel’

Khartoum (QNN)- Several grass-roots organizations in Sudan rejected the normalization efforts that have been made by Arab countries and strongly rejected comments made by officials in the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a close normalization agreement between Sidaan and the occupation state of ‘Israel’.

A statement by the spokesperson for the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Haidar Badawi, has stirred controversy. The Ministry sacked Badawi and said it was ‘surprised’ by his statement.

“I received a notice about dismissing me from my position,” Haidar Badawi told Anadolu Agency.

The National Umma Party said that Sudan is currently going through a period of transition and stressed that taking decisions on major national issues is supposed to be made by an elected government.

“Any relations with ‘Israel’ without the recovery of occupied Arab lands, an acceptable settlement, and full compliance to international law will be unjustified”, a statement by the party read.

The Muslim Brotherhood stressed that normalization with the occupation state id a betrayal for the Muslims’ and Arabs’ first and most important cause.

The People’s Congress condemned the UAE’s normalization agreement and doubled on Khartoum Resolution, which is known as “The Three No’s”; No peace with ‘Israel’, no recognition of ‘Israel’, no negotiations with ‘Israel’.

“We will work together using all civilized means to support the Palestinian people and its rights and sovereignty over its land, including the Palestinian capital Jerusalem”, the People’s Congress stated.

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