Students suffocate from Israeli teargas in a Hebron school

Hebron (QNN) – Several Palestinian students suffered suffocation on Sunday when Israeli soldiers fired teargas canisters into the vicinity of a school in Hebron city, south of the occupied West Bank.

Adnan Daana, the school’s principal, told official news agency Wafa that the soldiers fired tens of teargas canisters into the yard of the school during the morning assembly of the students, causing many cases of suffocation among the students and teachers.

Some of the students were moved to hospital for medical treatment while others were treated at the scene.

In 2018, the UN documented 111 Israeli attacks on education in the West Bank affecting more than 19,000 children.

“Incidents of interference in schools by Israeli forces” include “threats of demolition, clashes on the way to school between students and security forces, teachers stopped at checkpoints, and the violent actions of Israeli forces and settlers on some occasions,” according to a statement by United Nations officials.

The bulk of the 111 “interferences to education” in the West Bank documented by the UN in 2018 took place in the last four months of the year.

“More than half of the verified incidents involved live ammunition, tear gas and stun grenades fired into or near schools by Israeli forces, impacting the delivery of education or injuring students,” according to the UN officials.

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