Statistical Study: 3 Palestinians killed, 240 arrested, and further more land theft by ‘Israel’ last June

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces killed last June three Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem and Gaza, revealed the monthly report by the PLO Abdallah Hourani Centre for studies and documentation.

the report said that ‘Israel’ continued to violate international law and human rights throughout Palestine.

The number of bodies of Palestinians killed and held by ‘Israel’ has increased to 43, in a blatant violation to the international law.

The report also revealed that 11 Palestinian prisoners started a hunger strike to protest against administrative detention. ‘Israel’ arrested in the same month 420 Palestinians in the occupied Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza, increasing the total of Palestinian prisoners to 5700, who include 220 children and 43 women.

The report said that Israeli soldiers injured 500 Palestinians throughout Palestine; 395 of whom shot during Gaza’s peaceful protests, meanwhile 105 others shot during anti settlement and occupation protests in the occupied Jerusalem and West Bank.

The injury cases include 9 paramedics and one journalist, in addition to dozens of suffocation cases.

Regarding settlements, the Israeli central court in Jerusalem approved building unpermitted settlement units on Palestinian lands, which legalized nearly 2000 settlement units.

Israeli settlement committee also declared intentions to build 290 new settlement units in southern Jerusalem and 112 others in eastern Jerusalem.

The report also revealed Israeli new plans to construct settlement roads, which separate Palestinian neighborhoods and villages in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, and which lead to the theft of 511 Donums of the West Bank.

‘Israel’ has also confiscated 20 Donums of Nablus to construct a settlement road, which will prevent farmers from reaching 400 Donums of their lands.

With regard to houses demolition, ‘Israel’ has demolished 90 houses and buildings in the occupied west Bank and Jerusalem last June. 31 residential houses and 59 structures. Meanwhile, other 101 houses have got demolition notices.

With respect to settlers’ attacks, the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem have witnessed last June 75 attacks, which caused 4 Palestinians to be injured in addition to the uprooting and arson of 1100 fruitful trees and damage of 55 vehicles.

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