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Siri called ‘Israel’ the Zionist occupation state when asked about its president

Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant Siri was telling iPhone users on Saturday evening that the Israeli president Reuvin Rivlin is the President of the Zionist occupation state.

Pro-Israeli activists rushed to post Siri’s response on social media, claiming that Apple was hacked. However, it turned out that the glitch was due to changes in Rivlin’s Wikipedia page. As Siri’s responses rely on publicly available information online, Wikipedia is often a primary source for the personal assistant’s answers to users.

Created on the ruins of historic Palestine, ‘Israel’ was formed out by the Zionist movement. The United Nations in addition to international human rights organizations have described the Israeli practices in Palestine as an occupation.

In 1948, many Jews from around the world began moving to historic Palestine following calls and promises by the Zionist movement.

However, the Zionist movement faced significant opposition from the indigenous Palestinian population, who were largely unwilling to give up the land they had lived on for centuries. Inevitably, thousands of Palestinians were forced into exile, with large numbers living as refugees in neighboring Arab nations, such as Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

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