Settlers’ terror attacks: Ten vehicles damaged and racist slogans in Bethlehem

Bethlehem (QNN)- Israeli Jewish settlers continued to carry out daily terror attacks against Palestinians throughout occupied Palestine.

Head of Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, who lives in the village of Jab’a in Bethlehem, prof. Muheeb Abu Lawha, said a group of Israeli settlers sneaked into the eastern entrance to the village and sprayed racist anti-Palestinians slogans, which included “revenge” and the star of David.

Abu Lawha also confirmed that at least ten vehicles were damaged and sprayed with the name of the illegal settlement from which the settlers came, in addition to racist slogans.

He added that the settlers’ terror attacks have become a daily routine. In several cases, Palestinian farmers were prevented by Israeli soldiers from entering their farms to harvest crops, to find later on that they were stolen by settlers.

Few years ago, illegal settlers, protected by Israeli forces, torched the village’s mosque and sprayed racist slogans on its walls.

In Sabastia, Israeli settlers torched 25 dunums of olive trees in the architectural area.

A religious right-wing group, which call itself “Paying the Price”, claimed responsibility for the terror attacks.

The group usually carries out its attacks against Islamic and Christian holy places under protection and cover of Israeli soldiers.

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